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Physical Archive Management Solution


 Ufile Process

Effective records management is a cornerstone of modern compliance arrangements, and creating a user friendly, robust and cost-effective archive management service is an essential component of any strategy. There are many archiving options available, and making the right choice can make a big difference to your organisation.


Often the least expensive method of mass storage of paper-based information is to place it in a box and store it in distant locations, where space is plentiful and inexpensive, while the most expensive method of storage is often on-site within office premises where real-estate costs are at their highest. It is, however, important to examine the complete picture when it comes to selecting the most appropriate archiving method:

How secure does the information need to be?

How long will it need to be retained for?

How likely is it that it will need to be recalled from where it is stored?


If access to the information is likely to be required frequently by your business then off-site 'deep' storage immediately becomes vastly more expensive than any other mode. The cost of retrieval, lost time by your staff waiting for the information they need, and the inherent risk of loss or damage every time a file is moved quickly add up.


System Capabilities

  • Allows your staff to submit storage and retrieval requests online, from any location
  • Optimised archive placement - selecting the most cost effective storage method for each file with an integrated management tool that links to multiple third party suppliers
  • Enables a coordinated approach to archive management, avoids inconsistent local arrangements and enables centralised application of policies
  • Detailed Management Information and cost centre analysis of archiving use
  • Complete control over access, movement, retention and destruction


As a specialist provider of office services solutions, DBL is experienced in helping its clients manage their physical archiving requirements. This experience has been channelled into the development of uFile, a records management solution designed to pro-actively control the movement of both live and archived records and files.


uFile offers your staff the ability to submit storage and retrieval requests for files located at any archive site, from wherever they are through a user-friendly web application. Your staff can request a file on their way into the office and have it waiting on the desk when they get there. uFile gives you control over your costs, visibility over your usage and confidence over your compliance.