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Track and Trace Solution

iTrak is a secure and user-friendly system for tracking and tracing all high-value incoming and outgoing goods as they move within your organisation.


Capable of providing a unified point-of-entry solution for organisations globally, iTrak is a web-based system that collects movement and delivery details through theItrak Hand Held use of GPRS-enabled PDAs.


High value items are barcoded at point of entry and each movement is recorded to ensure seamless accountability throughout the logistical chain. The system captures signature data for both internal deliveries and handovers to external carriers.


iTrak is a flexible tool providing auditable tracking of recorded items such as courier deliveries, stationery and archiving deliveries, both within and between buildings. The system can also be used to track the progress of other ad-hoc and regular tasks such as mailrounds, inspection rotas, reprographics work and meeting room set-ups, etc.

System CapabilitiesI Trak 5

  • Delivers complete accountability along the internal logistics chain, cutting the risk of loss or delay
  • Online, hosted tool for minimal impact on local IT for implementation
  • Provides instant proof of delivery (including signature capture) and automated job completion alerts
  • Records crucial service performance information such as delivery timescales and staff productivity levels
  • Drives improvement and efficiency by delivering insight into service patterns


Through the coding of desks, printers, service points, etc. iTrak can provide detailed management information such as response times, schedule adherence and productivity levels - all integral to demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of service provision.


iTrak is a single tool to create integrity within your internal logistics chain, and to deliver the transparency necessary for a truly accountable and measurable service.