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Focus On Digital Transformation


DBL focuses on business transformation particularly where physical documents and information management can be digitised and automated.


Digital Mailroom (DMR)


Digital Mailroom and Document Workflow Integration

The real opportunity that exists for business today is to transform the way that information moves around its organisation, automating and/or adding value to back-office processes, mitigating the need for administrative personnel, with the ultimate vision of facilitating the ability for staff to make better decisions, faster, based on relevant information being available to them where and when they require it.

Such a transformation is not a small undertaking, however DBL, through its partnership with SPS, has experience in managing such projects and has developed an approach to keep implementation costs to a minimum with each stage of the transformation project linked to its own business case.



Digital Mailroom

The control of in-bound documentation (mailroom) forms the foundation upon which contemporary document management solutions are built.  Whilst most in-bound mail is still delivered in its original hardcopy format, the trend towards the Digital Mailroom (DMR) is gathering momentum.  DMR requires the paper asset to be digitised, usually accompanied by a level of data capture resulting in an image and a data set.  This means processing usually forms the front end of a departmental process, such as invoice processing in an accounts payable department or application processing in an account opening team.  In order to aid in the execution of this enhanced process, a workflow enabled enterprise document management system or, a Cloud based workflow system is required.  Cloud based systems are gaining in popularity as security concerns are addressed and the significantly lower cost of ownership (compared to an enterprise system) becomes apparent to the marketplace.  Cloud based systems also provide the agility and flexibility often missing from enterprise systems, as access is usually over the web and the hand off of information to back office and line of business systems (such as ERP, CRM, KYC, etc.) is usually through an interface, as opposed to a full integration.


Document Processing Centres

The digitising of in-bound mail does not necessarily have to take place at our clients offices.  DBL, through its partnership with SPS, has numerous Document Processing Centres (DPCs) around the world, which have the latest technology, software and processes.  This would result in our clients being able to benefit from transactional pricing models as opposed to a reliance on FTE staff on-site in the mailroom, or having to invest in hardware and software that requires upgrading every few years.  The downward attrition on FTE numbers is increased when more departmental processes are outsourced to the DPC.

SPS currently has DPCs in two locations in Vietnam with over 1,000 employees; one in Ho Chi Minh City and the other in Can Tho.


Decision Support/Outbound Communications

DBL is able to act as a "data guardian" for our clients.  Having received and processed our clients documentation at the DPC, DBL can apply a level of logic and decision support (in accordance with our clients' business rules) that further enables us to enhance the document lifecycle process and create a response, or outbound messaging in the form of print or electronic communications.  The trend towards secure, encrypted (electronic) communications is met by market leading communications technology.