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How do we deliver?


Service Enhancements

We will deliver immediate service improvements through the implementation of best-practice business processes, enhanced service levels and a sound management structure:

  • Regular auditing and benchmarking of service provisions
  • Consolidated invoicing along with regular and robust management information reporting on spend, volumes and performance
  • Implementation of innovative, specialist technology for all service lines
  • Standardisation and consolidation of mail and office services business processes

Outstanding Staff

Renewed motivation, enhanced skills and increased effectiveness in your service delivery team:

  • Focused career paths for your office services staff
  • Performance management and incentives for staff

Staff Development and Strong Management

This is our core business - we offer clear pathways to career development and targeted development to staff.

  • People are at the heart of the operation and it is critical that they are well managed along motivational career paths
  • We will provide highly motivated, dedicated and competent staff who are committed to delivering service excellence to your business
  • We recognise that the staff that deliver your services are at the heart of both your and our success
  • We improve staff performance by implementing a strong management structure and an effective, people-centred training and development program

Our Staff Academy

The DBL Academy follows the principles of the successful and well developed SPS Academy.  Our Academy aims to provide all staff with the appropriate level of training and skill development.  Furthermore, it provides for a successful and efficient induction and appraisal management system; while coordinating the recruitment process.  The Academy also includes the Management Development Programme (MDP) which is open to staff with the highest potential and ambition.  

Key Aims

The key aims of the DBL Academy are simple:

  • We will clearly differentiate DBL from our competitors through the quality of our people, allowing us to stand out even more in the marketplace.
  • We aim to foster a corporate culture of learning and openness and a strong commitment to the company.

Transition and Delivery of Business as Usual

Protecting and enhancing the customer experience

We will ensure a smooth transition through the use of a dedicated implementation team who are highly experienced in the implementation of outsourcing services.

Following agreement of the proposed delivery methodology with the client, a tailored solution will be confirmed, and assistance will be provided by DBL in the review and re-design of the mailroom and distribution services.  Our transition plan includes:

  • Provision of a dedicated implementation team
  • 6 week implementation plan, including 4 weeks for communication of new service delivery arrangements
  • Detailed implementation planning

Successful implementation is about knowledge, communication, leadership and support.

Client Engagement

  • Project governance
  • Key users and stakeholders

Project Management Document Set

  • Implementation Plan
  • Key Milestones
  • Risk Register
  • Action Tracker

Governance Framework

  • Partnering and relationship management
  • Progress against strategy and targets
  • Performance
  • Third party supplier management
  • Work Health and Safety
  • ISO framework