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Lower Total Cost of Ownership


We can deliver immediate cost savings, and through our partnership with SPS, have a demonstrable track record of significant ongoing cost optimisation and return-on-investment (ROI) that continues to deliver cost savings achieved through:

  • Reduction in headcount (staff optimisation)
  • Consolidation of services
  • Advice on specification and procurement of third party services and equipment at discounted rates

Our approach, using SPS' proprietary technology and benchmarking database to define our solution, ensures that we are able to achieve both cost savings and improved service levels.


Typical Areas of Cost Savings Focus

Cost Savings 2 


Reducing Cost by Applying Expertise

  • Re-engineering of support service processes
  • Centralisation and consolidation of services
  • Professional and fully supported management of the services and personnel
  • Cross training of all staff to provide a more responsive and robust operation
  • Integration of key processes to provide seamless service provision
  • Effective site management -"right first time approach"
  • Clearly defined, enhanced and measurable service levels and key performance indicators
  • Proactive internal marketing to encourage more use of the central facilities


Reducing the Cost of Third Party Suppliers

Equipment Procurement and Maintenance

  • Through SPS, and our own relationships, DBL has access to an extensive list of suppliers all offering significant discounts on their market prices.  For example, franking machines, multi-function devices and photocopiers as well as significant reductions in consumables (paper, toner, etc.)
  • DBL is able to procure competitive maintenance agreements including reduction in cost per copy (click charge) agreements

Courier Supplier Review and Renegotiation

  • Review and renegotiate current courier and freight tariffs, providing cost savings
  • Efficient service selection delivers the most cost effective outcome for each client requirement

Stationery Supplier

  • Maximise savings from stationery procurement by analysing volume usage and unit cost
  • Management initiatives such as core lists and devolved ordering

Mail Market

  • DBL is able to maximise savings from alternate mail distribution options
  • DBL is in a unique position to be able to offer our clients independent procurement and third party management services for all office and mail related services