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DBL's Core Principles


Core Principles


Our organisation has identified four key principles that defines our approach to business and underpins our philosophy for future success:

  • People | In an industry where clients often entrust us with the care of their own staff, having a demonstrable commitment to investing in our team is of critical importance. DBL's staff Academy delivers structured support and career development pathways for all our staff.
  • Process | We are document and office management experts with the knowledge and experience to drive down costs and increase efficiency through systematic, sustained and focussed process change. We identify where we can standardise and optimise existing operations, preparing a solid foundation for innovation across the organisation.
  • Innovation | Our modular technology platform provides access to a comprehensive suite of tools to support our services. The platform provides clients with the capability to order a service (archived file retrievals, courier bookings, etc.), track items, view records that are stored in the document repository, and view service performance reports, all from the comfort of their desk through a secure web portal.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) | We strive at all times to balance economic, social and environmental responsibilities. With a large percentage of our workforce embedded within client operations, a key aspect of DBL's responsible approach to business is to support and develop the CSR goals of our clients.


Our key values


  • Championing Entrepreneurial Spirit | Promoting an environment that encourages individuals with business understanding to think creatively and to continuously challenge the "status-quo"
  • Highest Standard of Integrity | Treating our staff and our clients with respect and professionalism in an open and honest environment fostering integrity and credibility
  • Challenging our Clients | Proactively approaching our clients with the value of change, showing them what the future looks like and helping them embrace innovation, new thinking and new ideas
  • Designing the Future | Participating in the evolution of our industry through research, insight and deep understanding. Differentiating ourselves through innovation, knowledge and the delivery of progressive solutions
  • Sustainable, profitable growth | Continuing our fundamental success as an organisation through operations that profit our clients and ourselves, building long-term relationships based on successful delivery and maintaining investment to support our future
  • Excellence | Forging excellence as a virtue is at the heart of all we do. Anticipating and exceeding the expectations of our clients through the continual pursuit of improvement and empowering our people to deliver
  • Valuing our People | Developing and sustaining a culture in which our people are motivated and respected, through inclusive communication
  • Considering our Environment | Considering the environmental impact of our organisation's activities, promoting sustainable practice in all we do and supporting our clients' visions
  • Down to Earth | Interacting with our staff, clients and partners in a pragmatic, approachable and rational manner

DBL's Mission


To create, maintain and renew innovative solutions for our clients that meet and exceed expectations, delivering improved services, tangible benefits and reduced total cost of ownership.


DBL's Vision


To be the recognised leader in the transformation and management of physical and digital document and office management services.